Guardian Innovation in Education Conference in Twitter: Part 2

November 11, 2009 at 2:33 pm Leave a comment

by Alec Patton

The conference in tweets, cont’d (please note that it ends with a question – and don’t hesitate to discuss!)

[NB: This is an edited version, and is no substitute for reading the full, uncut narrative by searching #iie09 on Twitter]

1:50 Larry Rosenstock (High Tech High)

DarinaGarland: #iie09 too fast larry! Great stuff though..

AlecPatton: L Rosenstock ‘We want everything for H-t-H that they’re doing in Finland’ – except national standards      rachelala: CPD staff convs must be at start of day when staff are fresh, not after school when tired and reflecting on what’s gone wrong(Larry R)#iie09

merlinjohn: ‘How do you demonstrate quality of teacher? Through the quality of students’ work’ Larry Rosenstock, ceo High Tech High #iie09

2:30 Breakout groups: Curriculum, Learning Spaces, Workforce Development

zoe1971: how do we encourage greater partnership between primary & secondary at these events? The former is under-represented here at #iie09.

rogerbilling: @zoe1971 nothing like this is ever advertised by counties to primary schools. Needs greater awareness & input from leaders #iie09

zoe1971: #iie09 vital to communicate with and TO students when we start to make radical changes -really important question raised by Harris Student

KarlHeld: Pondering paradox of delegates celebrating iconoclasts and outliers while demanding their innovations be standardised across system #iie09

3:40 Panel Discussion

ClaudiaBarwell: #iie09 Not enough female voices on the main floor today in a profession where women outnumber men http://www.statis (cont)

 zoe1971: #iie09 good read: harris federation learner voice project

4:20 David Albury and Charlie Leadbeater

zoe1971: #iie09 David Arlbury: need to ‘de-privatise’ teaching.

zoe1971: #iie09 this view is echoed by @RSAMatthew who speaks of needing to open ‘the secret garden of the curriculum’ to whole communities & public

ClaudiaBarwell: #iie09 @wethink education is truly the only global religion

After the Conference: That Evening

Goddardpayne: Travelling home after #iie09. Students excited by Larry Rosenstock. Esp teaching across subject boundaries & students as producers.

wethink: Enjoyed #iie09 Impressed by Kunskapsskolan from Sweden and Orstad,Gymnasium from Denmark. Only pity did n’t get to talk more with people

Fergusons_Beard: Enjoyed-Could’ve,should’ve gone further-just a showcase day-next time-why not bring together the same innovators and work together. #iie09

intrinsique: #iie09 first define why innovate-then build a ‘how to’ guide to do it to scale. That is what’s missing

jamesrcross: Trailer from film that aims to be the ‘Inconvenient Truth’ of education. Trailer shown at #iie09.

merlinjohn: Reflecting on #iie09. Revealed better policy outside than inside DCSF/Becta. Why? A motor? Finland’s ‘value teachers’. Echoed in Scotland

rachelala: Reflecting on #iie09 most presenters ref’d impact of tech on C21 societymesp re YP, yet audience ranked ICT 9/10 as change lever, why?


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The Guardian Innovation in Education Conference in Twitter: Part 1 Guardian Innovation in Education – our first national conference goes off with a bang!

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