The Guardian Innovation in Education Conference in Twitter: Part 1

November 11, 2009 at 12:10 pm Leave a comment

by Alec Patton

Last week, I posted about Why Twitter is Good for Conferences. Now that the conference has happened, it turns out that Twitter is much more exciting, unpredictable, and anarchic than I’d anticipated.

To give a flavour of what it looked like, I’ve created an edited version of the twitterfeed (I advise reading it in its entirety – just click #iie09 (this is the conference hashtag – everyone included it in their tweet so the full discussion was searchable).

RT means ‘re-tweet’, which is to say that you are quoting somebody else’s tweet. I think the rest of the language is pretty clear once you get the hang of it.

 So now, I present the conference in Tweets – Part 1

Early Morning

zoe1971: Train to #iie09. Tea in hand making lack of seats bearable. Looking forward to conference.

9:30 Opening Remarks

InnovateEducate: Tony Mackay on the mic – and we’re off! #iie09

InnovateEducate: The room has voted: top 3 barriers to innovation (in order) are Fear, Government Policy, and Ofsted #iie09

9:40 – Keynote from Lord David PuttnamDarinaGarland: Gov fear of daily mail shapes education policy.. we need a more imaginative future says David Puttnam #Iie09

Fergusons_Beard: I would say that Innovation happens because of big obstacles-not despite of them #iie09

rogerbilling: I agree, which is why I was worried to see so many worried about lack of money. #iie09

jamesrcross: #iie09 as a teacher, I don’t think a lack of money hampers innovation. Teachers can do amazing things, particularly with tech, for free.     

DarinaGarland: RT @rogerbilling: I agree, which is why I was worried to see so many worried about lack of money. #iie09 me too!

zoe1971: @jamesrcross #iie09 totally agree, James. See evidence for this everyday!

jpallis001: RT @InnovateEducate Puttnam: The single evolutionary advantage that humans possess is our imagination #iie09

 10:30 Michael Stevenson (CISCO)

InnovateEducate: M Stevenson: The needs of the 19th century are not the needs of the 21st #iie09

beecee: Think lack of money seen as blocker not by teachers but by powers that be #iie09

DarinaGarland: #iie09 ‘education 3.0’ shows what’s essential.. Fantastic talk by michael Stevenson from cisco. Joined up thinking. I’m in.

Fergusons_Beard: Why are all the speakers/leaders/decision makers all over 50? Not being ageist but it’s us young un’s are on the ‘relevant’ side #iie09

beecee: Agree with @Fergusons_beard on younger people being innovators #iie09

11:30 Timo Lankinen (Director General, Finnish Board of Education)

jamesrcross: #iie09 we should arrange a little tweeter meetup at some point today!

ClaudiaBarwell: #iie09 @jamescross – will there be any over 50’s at the tweet meet?

zoe1971: #iie09 Finnish model presentation inspiring re-teachers as researchers and leaders of learning within own practice, schools and communities

DarinaGarland: #iie09 timo lankinen says Finnish educ is success due to valuing teachers as experts & researchers and flexibility

12:10 Breakout groups on communities, pedagogy, and assessment

Fergusons_Beard: 2 questions from ass.mtg-Do standards matter? What would be the hallmarks of a school that admitted more evidence/ass design. #iie09

zoe1971: Fantastic interactive web 2.0 project have a look! RT @zoe1971: @LCS_RCatesby briliant thank you!!! (via @rachelala #iie09 thx!)

rachelala: @jamescross agree we should have a twertmeet here. How about 13.40 in the Steljes tech exhib area? #iie09

1:00 Lunch

Fergusons_Beard: Nice to meet y’all- more interesting stuff to come I feel. #iie09

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