Back to school reading – some great posts from great blogs

September 2, 2010 at 2:14 pm Leave a comment

by Alec Patton

I’ve started using Read it Later on Firefox in conjunction with Google Reader, so I can read blog posts on my ipod on the train home. So far, it’s a winning combination, and once again I was reminded what an embarrassment of riches can be found on education blogs. So here’s what I was reading last night:

First up: The Innovative Educator gives a 6 step plan for getting your voice heard on social media.

Next, weblogg-ed riffs on Charlie Leadbeater and the importance of ‘useful ignorance’ for teachers.

On Dangerously Irrelevant, reflection the core mission of education:

I don’t think the answer to everything in education is technology. But I DO think it’s important for schools to be relevant to the age in which they operate.

(this is a response to another blog – which you can reach from it – but it stands up in its own right)

An inspiring description of a lesson in which students talked to a rock-climbing professor about maths on the Fischbowl.

Finally, from Harry Brighouse on Crooked Timber: Comments on a report that cautions against using test scores to evaluate teachers , and musings on the criteria the US is using to measure charter school performance (this last dovetails nicely with Matthew Horne’s thoughts on academies on our blog)

A final note: make sure to take a look at the comment feeds for all of these posts – they can be as rich and thought-provoking as the post itself.


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And if one giant brassiere should accidentally fall….. Does my carbon footprint look big in this?

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