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January 17, 2011 at 5:28 pm Leave a comment

As a relative newcomer to the green space, I like to check out blogs and news items every now and again to find out what’s happening in the green space and what are we getting excited about. When we first started working on the Green Next Practice programme, we were really keen to work with a project doing some innovative work in sustainable transport. To me, transport, just comes across as an area that often goes missed and almost seems quite, well – isolated. Every now and again I read about the latest green car and gadgets designed to help our vehicles become more carbon efficient – but I have yet to come across a blog that really engages me on this subject – what is it that people are doing and what other work is taking place to stimulate dialogue.

So, I was happy to see that there was a sustainable transport session at the Communities and Climate Action conference today. Stephen Joseph from Campaign for Better Transport gave a really good presentation and I thought I’d share some key points. Transport accounts for 20-25 percent of carbon emissions in the UK and most of our transport activity is related to work. The good news is that we are developing better public transport, safer roads, travel plans for schools, car clubs are being set up around the country and we’re starting to manage car parks and roads properly. I also heard about the great work of The Big Lemon – an environmentally friendly bus company set up by a group of dissatisfied public transport users.

But major challenges right now are: car dependent development, poor, no, expensive public transport (btw, check out and dangerous roads with too much traffic driving too fast. It seems most community groups perceive sustainable transport as a difficult and techie area.

The session really made me think about the opportunity for innovation in sustainable transport and the level of innovation activity that is taking currently taking place – I can’t help but think there isn’t much of it – and I think the community and voluntary could be playing a much larger role here. Do you agree or disagree with me? May be you think there is enough innovation activity already taking place. If not, why? It would be great to get some sort of conversation going on this. I’m no expert but really keen to hear from people interested who have thoughts about this area.


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