The Guardian is launching a Children’s manifesto (written by Children)

January 26, 2011 at 8:00 am Leave a comment

by Alec Patton

Ten years ago, the Guardian ran a competition for students called ‘The School I’d Like’, in which they described exactly that. There was a good piece about it in yesterday’s paper, which went beyond ‘look at the great things they said then’ to address student voice more probingly. However, the stuff they quoted was great. Here’s a bit:

Maisie Munroe, the 2001 lower secondary winner, is now 23 and has just completed her master’s at Barcelona Institute of International Relations. “I came home from school and was moaning about something and my mum said – ‘Have you seen this School I’d Like in the paper?’ So I just sat down and wrote it that afternoon,” she remembers. “It was idealistic stuff.” Her entry was: “In my perfect school there would still be rules, but they would guide us, not confine us. There would be no grading, praise only for working hard and not your mental capability … Exams would be abolished. We would discuss our opinions in every lesson. Teachers and pupils would be equal. In my school, the only thing they would ban would be unhappiness and pain.”

Naturally, the Guardian are running it again this year, in aid of developing a ‘children’s manifesto’. Here’s their instructions – pass them along:

In 2011, we’re asking pupils to help Education Guardian draw up a new Children’s Manifesto. Students can email their ideas to school.i’ giving their name, age, year, school and phone number.


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