From the Independent: Students at Heathfield primary are improving their literacy by blogging!

February 11, 2011 at 2:20 pm Leave a comment

by Alec Patton

If the reason I think this is cool isn’t instantly obvious to you, think a little more thoroughly about the format of what you’re currently reading.

Heathfield primary’s blogging started during last year’s snow, when Deputy Head David Mitchell got ‘frustrated at the bad press teachers were getting’ over school closures and decided to set up a blogging platform. ‘Soon,’ reports the Independent, ‘most pupils were busily blogging in response to requests to go out into their back garden and report on the depth of the snow.’

Blogging was then officially introduced to the curriculum with even five-year-olds being encouraged to write what they thought about their lessons. The school set up links internationally with other schools allowing their children to exchange blogs with places as far apart as Canada and Australia. It also introduced a “blog of the week” prize for the most exceptional piece of writing.

Children were encouraged to write their own short stories – with many producing 5,000-word essays at whim. “It is now a part of everyday life and the way our pupils like to communicate,” said Mr Mitchell. “They will produce their work in class and then quite happily and eagerly go home and do a blog. It’s now cool to be writing – especially for the boys. It’s the boys who were coming up with the 5,000-word articles first.”

via Blog early, blog often: the secret to making boys write properly – Education News, Education – The Independent.


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