Love food, hate waste?

May 11, 2011 at 2:10 pm Leave a comment

by Claire McEneaney

It’s no secret that we at the Innovation Unit are a bunch of foodies. There isn’t a week goes by without a tale of someone’s latest culinary invention or dining experience. Many of grow our own vegetables and we’re always swapping tales on how to get your veggies to have more va-va voom (tip: get a wormery!). We are also ardent recyclers, encouraging our building to go green, swapping all our printer paper to recycled paper, and using Boris bikes to get to meetings. So, when I discovered Love Food Hate Waste I knew I had to blog about it.

Love Food Hate Waste campaigns to raise awareness about the need to reduce the amount of food we waste. From all that off milk, mouldy bread, slimy bagged salad, and forgotten yoghurt pots, we throw away almost 8.3 million tonnes of waste food, which is a pretty astonishing amount. There are many reasons for our high food waste – maybe we’ve cooked a bit too much pasta or rice, forgotten that we have a spare courgette lurking in the fridge, or gone out for a last minute dinner with friends. Love Food Hate Waste aims to educate us about portion sizes, ensuring that we always cook the perfect amount, and some fantastic ideas about what to do with those leftovers to make them more exciting.

I think its a fantastic initiative, and if that wasn’t enough on its own, they are funded by WRAP who have been campaigning to promote recycling, encourage supermarkets to use less packagaing so that we reduce the amount we put into landfill, and encouraging home composting (they’d love my wormery!).  Regular followers of the blog will know that packaging is something we care about, and want to reduce.

So get yourself down to Love Food Hate Waste’s website and learn about how you can indulge your foodie tendancies without damaging your green credentials!

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