Keri Facer’s thought-provoking piece in the TES

May 16, 2011 at 9:18 am Leave a comment

by Alec Patton

Professor Keri Facer (one of the instigators of Purpos/Ed, among her various roles and achievements) wrote a very interesting piece for the Times Educational Supplement’s ‘Insight’ section (which, incidentally, often has really exciting stuff, and is worth a weekly visit).

The piece is a defense of the role of schools within the landscape of 21st century education. Context is everything here, and depending who you are, this may sound reactionary, refreshing, or just incredibly obvious. Whatever your response, I’d advise reading the piece – it will open your mind, and make you think twice about what you espouse.

Here’s the heart of the piece:

The reason we need to continue to invest in the school as a physical space and a local organisation is because I believe it may be one of the most important institutions we have to help us build a democratic conversation about the future. A physical, local school where community members are encouraged to encounter each other is one of the last public spaces in which we can begin to build the intergenerational solidarity, respect for diversity and democratic capability needed to ensure fairness in the context of socio-technical change.

Moreover, the public educational institution may be the only resource we have to counter the inequalities and injustice of the informal learning landscape outside school. The school is also potentially the most powerful local institution to help resist possible futures of breakdown and dispossession that seem increasingly possible.

The notion that schools as the the only place where people who share physical proximity without sharing interests or social class ever actually meet each other as equals is disturbing, but also pretty convincing.

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