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Our blog has now settled in to its new home on our main website. Any blog posts from June 2011 onwards are housed here

So drop in and have a nose around.

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Innovation in India

At Innovation Unit we really are passionate about what we do. I wouldn’t say we eat, breathe, live it – I mean we’d much rather one of Claire’s brownies and an earl grey tea but innovation definitely leaks from the ‘work’ part of our brain into the ‘play’ part of our brain on a regular basis. If you read this blog regularly you’ll be familiar with the collected bric-a-brac that inspires our innovation musings and we write them at all hours of the day and night. This is less random than it might first appear because what we know about innovation is that insights can be encouraged by the unfamiliar. People. Places. Points of view. These inputs, more remote, can trigger light bulb moments. A trip to a bingo hall has led to improvements in services for the elderly. Sending children’s centre workers to Starbuck’s inspired their redesign of services for families.

So in a completely different continent, my travels around India last month led to me drawing parallels with some of our work. I was quietly appreciating all the things I love about India. Like the spirit of entrepreneurship. It’s more alive than I’ve ever seen. On a busy train platform heading for a long journey? Here comes a random guy with a large bag of books, buy one. Stuck in traffic and thirsty but have no water with you? (more…)

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